Based on excellent technology, YU SUNG supplies to Korean conglomerates such as POSCO, Hyundai Heavy Industries, Samsung Electronics, etc.,
and is equipped to supply directly to small and medium wholesalers and general consumers as well.

We are also actievely promoting overseas markets such as China, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and Thailand.
We are confident that we are the best in Korea in terms of the production of synthetic resin.
We will always strive for our customers toward tomorrow.

Sharing Value

YU SUNG is currently working with Daegu Head Office,
Bucheon Branch and Gyeonggi Enpla.


  • 1978
    1978. Established YU SUNG
    1988. Registered as POSCO’s plastic specialty supplier
    1989. Registered as trade business
    1994. Produced Mcnylon
  • 2001-2013
    2001. Operated a processing team for engineering plastic processing machine tools
    2009. Moved to a larger headquarters factory (Woram-dong, Dalseo-gu)
    2009. Acquired ISO9001/ISO14001 certification
    2013. Introduced precision machine tools
    2013. Achieved 1 million dollar export
  • Current
    2014.Japan Parts Procurement Contract
    2010 Expansion of MC production facilities (2000t/year, 180t/month)