Due to the strong chemical bond between fluorine and polymer, OPF forms a very stable compound, thereby having nearly complete chemical inertness, heat-resistance, non-sticking, excellent insulation stability, and low coefficient of friction. It has been applied in many industrial fields, and its use ranges from general food to machinery, automobiles, semiconductors, medical equipment, and aerospace parts.


1. Medical devices : Stem cell storage containers, DNA inspection equipment, sonogram parts, etc.

2. Food equipment: Screw, Sushi Balancer, Roller, Guide, Sushi Molding Machine, etc.


  • Non-sticiking (Deformation, non-sticking)
         Almost all materials do not stick on the surface of rods, sheets or processed products.
  • Heat resistance
         OPF can be used from -60 °C to +150 °C (ASTMD 648). It can withstand 180 °C for short-time use and can be used continuously at 120 °C. (Not guaranteed)
  • Non-wetting
         Water and oil are not easily applied to the surface of OPF. Therefore, not only the surface is not contaminated, but also it can be cleaned easily, so that it is possible to shorten the maintenance time of machines and improve productivity.
         (Excellent slipperiness with coefficient of friction 0.13)
  • Low coefficient of friction
          Coefficient of friction is generally a little bit different, depending on speed and load, but is about 0.5~0.20.
  • Chemical resistance
          It generally shows stability for all chemical products. It is only slightly affected by alkali metal products. (Containing an antibacterial agent in accordance with Article 20, Food Sanitation Act)
  • Unique electrical properties
         It has very high unique electrical properties even in a wide frequency range.
         It shows excellent surface resistivity. Antistatic: (Surface resistivity 4.5 x 10^10)
  • Cryogenic stability
         Its physical properties remain unchanged even at extremely low temperatures.
         It is also used at low temperature of 60 degrees below zero.



Thickness(T) Width(W) Length(L)
5t ~ 1000t 600 1,000

Round Rods(mm)

Outside diameter(T) Length(L)
25∅ ~ 150∅ 1,000