Homopolymer and co-polymer are commonly used as a resin called acetal. Both materials are crystalline and are rigid materials with good fatigue endurance, creep resistance, low coefficient of friction and attractive appearance.
Homopolymer has high tensile strength, bending strength, endurance, fatigue resistance and hardness, and copolymer is thermally stable, easy to process, and resistant to hot water and deterioration.
And it has excellent alkalinity and high elongation.


  • Excellent mechanical, thermal and electrical properties
  • Low friction, good abrasion resistance, and self-lubricating
  • Ease of machining, and dimensional stability


○ Parts and materials of various semiconductor, LCD equipmentand precision electronic equipment

○ Facility for electrical and electronic industries, and Clean Room facility

○ IT device precision parts


▶ Round Rods (mm)

Outer dimension  Length 
 5Ф​ ~ 300Ф 1,000 ~ 3,000 


▶ Sheet (mm)

Thickness  Width   Length:
 5t ~ 150t 600  1,000 ~ 3,000