PE (Polyethylenes) is a polymer with excellent chemical resistance and good abrasion resistance. It has LDPE (Low Density), HDPE (High Density) and UHMW-PE (Ultra High Molecular Weight) depending on molecular weight.
Among them, HDPE accounts for the largest amount, and UHMW-PE is ultra-high density polyethylene with an average molecular weight of more than 3 million. Its overall physical properties are better than HDPE, but it is expensive FDA approved.


  • Impact resistance
  • Lightweight
  • Food hygiene, non-toxic
  • Cheap
  • Low temperature durability (no change in physical properties at -50℃)
  • Abrasion resistance, chemical resistance (resistant to acid and alkali)
  • Weldable, deposition
  • Low coefficient of friction (excellent slipperiness), non-absorbency



High density polyethylene with an average molecular weight of about 3 million or more, similar to HDPE in general, but with better mechanical properties.


○ Various chemical storage tank, lining of various silos, chute, hopper

○ Excellent slipperiness, abrasion resistance, non-sticking, and impact resistance, so it can be used in various conveyor rollers, liner, guide, screw, etc.

○ Non-toxic chemical resistance makes it suitable for medical and food industries


▶ Round Rods (mm)

Outside diameter(T)  Length(L) 
 10Ф​ ~ 300Ф 1,000 ~ 3,000 


▶ Sheet (mm)

Thickness(T)  Width(W)   Length(L)
 3t ~ 200t 1,000   2,000
1,200   2,400