It has similar characteristics to distinguish it from HDPE. Although it is divided into Homo PP and Co PP and has a very small density of 0.9~0.94, it is excellent in electrical insulation and chemical resistance because of its greater mechanical strength and hardness than that of HDPE.


  • It is used as a rigid molding materialIt has impact resistance at room temperature, but it is weak at low temperatures below -5℃, so it needs a high impact resistance grade. 
  • Specific gravity is less than 0.9, transparent, and crystallinity is 95%.
  • It is used as a rigid molding material.
  • It has heat resistance and abrasion resistance.
  • Excellent electrical properties, excellent water and chemical resistance.
  • When burned smells of petroleum, low adhesive and printability.
  • Aging slowly in sunlight and heat.
  • Low cost and greater hardness than HDPE.
  • Excellent lightweight, electrical insulation and machinability.
  • Weldable, deposition.


○ Plating, lining of chemical tank, gear, faller guide

○ Construction and lining for holding

○ Various ducts, storage tank

○ Scaffolding and cutting plates

○ Electrolytic bath


▶ Rod (mm)

Outer diameter  Length 
 10Ф​ ~ 300Ф 1,000 ~ 3,000 


▶ Sheet (mm)

Thickness  Width   Length
 3t ~ 200t 1,000   2,000
1,200   2,400